Eligible public officials can request that the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) exempt from public review (disclosure) the personal information contained in their driver, vehicle, and vessel records.

Personal information include the name, hom adds, social security #, telephone #, driver/identification card #, medical or disabilty informaton and photograph or digital image of a public official.

The reqest must be made in writing as requied in Section 119.071(4)(d), Florida Statutes, by completing the Public Official Request to Suppress Records Information Form, HSMW 96020.

The form must be returned to the DHSMV with a letter or other documntation on employer letterhead indicating the eligibilty.

Public officials, their spouses, the children, and other family members living at the same address are eligible for privacy protection under Section 119.071(4)(d), Florida Statutes.

Please contact your agency, the DHSMV or email me at: profvernonjones@gmail.com for a more detailed list of eligible public officials.

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