Prof. Vernon M. Jones Jr., DD

Prof. Vernon M. Jones Jr, DD (Prof. Jones) was the National Program Director for Youth Crime Watch of America ( ) a dynamic, youth-led crime prevention program which empowered youth and adults to work together to fight crime and drugs in their schools and communities.

Prof. Jones was responsible for the state, national and international programming which took him to all 67 counties throughout the state of Florida and over 35 other states, three (3) US territories and four (4) countries to initiate or expand various programs. Prof. Jones has spoken and appeared before approximately 2 million individuals, teaching and instilling positive philosophies to law enforcement agencies, school systems, housing authorities, public officials, businesses, houses of worship and many more.

He began his journey into youth crime prevention after being in Hollywood Mall as a boy, at the same time as Adam Walsh, who was unfortunately abducted and murdered. As the former Youth Crime Watch “Poster Child”, student member and leader, his 30+ years of experience with the program and its philosophies, allowed him to empower youth to make the difference and to get involved in their neighborhood through crime prevention.

His efforts have landed him feature roles in various events, infomercials, conferences, ads, television appearances, radio interviews, print media and much more.

Furthermore he has been a featured national speaker (since the age of 14), a guest at the White House for youth leadership programs, a member of various national boards and was the first Central Outreach Coordinator/Supervisor for the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s (O.N.D.C.P.), South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (H.I.D.T.A.) program under the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

He has appeared alongside of various celebrities such as: Erving “Magic” Johnson (Sport: Basketball – L.A. Lakers), Malik Yoba (Actor: New York Undercover, Cool Runnings & Tylor Perry’s: Why Did I Get Married Parts 1 & 2), Edward James Olmos (Actor: Miami Vice & Selena), Jean Claude Van Damme (Actor: Bloodsport & Double Impact), Mike Tyson (Sport: Boxing  – Former Heavy Weight Champion) and many more.

The U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General, Janet Reno and the National Crime Prevention Council (McGruff – ) presented him as the winner of the 1995 National Youth Crime Prevention Service Award. He has received numerous commendation letters, awards, certificates and merits to his credit.


Martial Arts Chief Instructor/Founder
Taishi TRANSLATION: “Ambassador”

Black Lotus Academy of Martial Arts (B.L.A.M.)

Prof. Jones’s mother and father studied martial arts initially under Jim Martin, Jack Williams and Tracie’s Kenpo of Hollywood, FL. Prof. Jones began his formal training with Professor Philip Chenique in Atemi-Ryu Ju-Jitsu, and was one of Chenique’s first students promoted to Black Belt and the first to begin teaching on his own.

Remarkably, he ran his own martial arts school since the age of 14, in the Miami Dade Area, until he retired the school after 25 years of service in April 2012. B.L.A.M. has over 100 diverse and highly respected Black Belt students under him ranging from 6th to 1st Degree. His students &/or their students have collected over 15 World Champion Titles, 250+ State Champion Titles & countless Regional Titles since they started competing in the 1990’s. They have also been recognized as outstanding competitors and judges, while being featured on ESPN2, and various internet radio talk shows.

In 2004, Prof. Jones A.K.A. “Taishi”, successfully lobbied for all hobby-based out of school programs in the State of Florida to be recognized as Exempt Child Care Providers. This Exemption has allowed hundreds of thousands of children and families throughout the State of Florida, access to numerous non-traditional after school & summer camp programs (also known as Enrichment Providers). Many martial arts, gymnastic, dance and other programs can now offer their programs to disadvantaged youth, who in the past had limited resources available to them. He has been recognized as a “Pioneer” in the child care arena and continues to facilitate the growth of such programs.

Prof. Jones is a 13-time state of Florida martial arts champion with numerous other awards to his credit. He has competed and won on both the Open Sport Karate and Traditional Karate circuits in forms, weapons and sparring. He has also been undefeated in the Self-Defense Division since 1988.

He was promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Philip Chenique in Atemi Ryu Ju-Jitsu, 6th Degree by Grandmaster Moses Powell in the Sanuces Ryu System, and has been recognized as the 10th Degree/Founder of the Black Lotus Ju-Jitsu System. Some of his notable coaches and influences have been Florendo Visitacion, Moses Powell, Philip Chenique, Vernon Jones Sr., “Lil” John Davis, Herbie Thompson, Veronica Walker, Tony Palmore, Luis Fernandez, Nelson Garcia and Ray Irrizzary.

The promoter of one of Florida’s finest martial arts events, the Superstar Invitational Tournament to Benefit Children, he is widely known for his fairness and commitment as a judge and competitor.

He has performed martial arts demonstrations and taught for various Governor Offices, State Attorney Generals, Local/State/Federal/International Law Enforcement Agencies, 300+ Public & Private School Systems and other agencies ranging from Guam to Canada, the United States of America and 35 of its states, three (3) US territories and four (4) other countries.

The Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame named him as the 1999 Instructor of the Year, the 2000 Promoter of the Year and the 2001 & 2002 Man of the Year. In 2003 he was deemed the World Fighting Champion by the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) and the 2003 National Weapons Champion in the Senior Division. That same year he captured numerous Grand Championship Titles throughout the State of Florida and was the only adult State of Florida Triple Crown Champion from the Florida League of Martial Arts (FLMA). The Florida Black Belt Association (FBBA) also named him once again as its Weapons & Sparring State Champion for 2003.


Unfortunately, due to a motorcycle accident in 2004, Prof. Jones stepped back from active competitions and currently performs on rare occasions for charity events, demonstrations, seminars and Black Belt club invitations from various other martial arts schools. This time off has allowed him to mainly focus on his family of seven (7), Amaya, Cleopatra, Matthew, Vernon III, Vincent, Venus & Vanessa Jones ( He looks forward to the day when he will return to competition alongside of his children in Team Competition & as their #1 Fan & Coach.

He continues to coach children in the community as a Baseball Manager/Coach/Treasurer/President at the Perrine Baseball and Softball Association – PSBA (2010-Present), International Martial Arts Tournament Promoter/Coordinator (1994 -Present) & as well as coaching youth football for the Modello Timberwolves (2009).

Prof. Jones  is also certified to provide services in the areas of:

  • Bail Bonds (Florida & referrals Nationwide)
  • Executive Protection/Bodyguard (International)
  • Firearms Instruction (NRA – Nationwide)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor (American Red Cross Association) 
  • Fugitive Recoveries AKA Bounty Hunter (Florida & Nationwide with reciprocity)
  • Life Coaching (International)
  • Private Investigations (Florida & other states with reciprocity)
  • Process Service (11th Judicial Court – Miami Dade)

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