How Does PrePaid Calling Work?

When an unbillable destination number is called, the called party will hear voice prompts providing information regarding PrePaid Calling services and the toll free number of 888-506-8407 to reach the ICSolutions ‘ prepayment center. The called party is invited to stay on the line for a short one-time free call with their caller and at the conclusion of the call they will be automatically transferred to the prepayment center.

The series of events is as follows:

1. The called party is advised of requirement of PrePaid services

2. The called party is invited to stay on the line for a short one-time free call.

3. At the end of the free call, the called party is automatically transferred to the prepayment center. The inmate is notified of the transfer and disconnected from the call.

4. The called party will be offered a choice of payment options (Credit Card, Debit Card, Check-By-Phone, Western Union, MoneyGram, Money Order & Cashiers Check) to establish the PrePaid account.

5. Once the account is funded, the phone system is automatically updated and the inmate will again be able to call that person.

6. The entire process takes as little as 15 minutes but maybe longer depending on the payment method selected by the called party.

Advantages of PrePaid Calling:

• Rapid Account Activation
• Balance notification with every call
• Ability to manage phone expense
• No bills to pay
• No preset limit
• Calls allowed to numbers that would otherwise be blocked

• No commissary fund needed

• No application to complete or credit check to pass
• Refunds returned in five business days when account is no longer needed

For your convenience, you can also establish and fund your PrePaid account utilizing our online payment system at

How much does it cost?

Rates vary by facility and the location of the person you are calling.

Rate information is available to the called party during the call set-up process or by calling our customer service department for assistance.

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