Family members and friends of inmates are given the option of setting up prepaid calling accounts using credit cards, checks, money orders or Western Union. Calls that may otherwise be blocked are now completed through GTL’s AdvancePay® program.

How Does It Work?

AdvancePay® allows inmates to call your telephone number without the restrictions of standard billing. When an inmate attempts to dial an un-billable number, the inmate is placed on hold and AdvancePay® will provide the option to the called party to set up a prepaid account. After the prepaid account is established, collect calls to the telephone number may be placed, up to the prepaid amount in the account. After the account money is used, the system will prompt the user to add funds to their AdvancePay® account.


Customers can rest assured that collect call charges will not reach an excessive amount.

When funds on a prepaid account are low, an automated system will contact customers with the option to add more money to their AdvancePay® account.

All transactions occur in real-time. When an inmate places a call to a number set up as prepaid, funds are deducted from the AdvancePay® account as soon as the call is complete.


The AdvancePay® Service Department is ready to answer all billing related questions:

Customer Service:
Fax Number:

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
7am to 11pm, CST
Saturday and Sunday
8am to 7pm, CST

Mailing Address:
AdvancePay Service Dept.
PO Box 911722
Denver, Colorado 80291-1722


The easiest way to establish an AdvancePay® account is through our account management website You can create a telephone account, make payments and view balances on Customers can also create an account through GTL’s automated phone system with either a $25 or $50 payment made via a credit card (convenience fees may apply).

The system is completely automated and can be accessed by calling 1-800-483-8314. In addition to our automated phone system and website, accounts can be established and payments can be made through our AdvancePay® customer service department, Western Union and by mailing checks or money orders.

Helpful tips to avoid calls from inmates from being disconnected:

  • DON’T attempt a 3-way call
  • DON’T try to transfer the call
  • DON’T put the inmate on hold
  • DON’T use or answer “call waiting”
  • DON’T press numbers on the touch tone pad during the call (inmate phone or called phone)
  • DON’T stop the conversation for any length of time, even short pauses may result in disconnection

Once a number has been blocked, only the person the number is listed to may unblock the number by calling: 1-866-230-7761

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